About Us

The Suffolk Academies Trust aims to prepare young people for today’s modern and ever-changing world. It provides the very best education, enrichment and connections with business to develop its students into confident and successful individuals with unlimited aspirations.

We work in close collaboration with education leaders in schools to help prepare our young people from an early age for progression onto top Oxbridge and Ivy League universities. By providing access to specialist teaching and facilities we aim to grow and build a successful and innovative curriculum that will inspire and raise aspirations of young people.

Academic achievement alone is not the key to success. Today’s world demands that young people are resilient, resourceful, team players, self-starters, and independent thinkers. To develop these attributes student have access to a wide range of exciting enrichment activities designed to enhance academic study by providing excellent opportunities to foster interests, extend skills, try new pursuits and enjoy an extensive range of intellectual, leisure and recreational activities.

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