Our Mission

To use education as a catalyst of positive social change and prosperity for the community we serve, leaving no-one behind.

Our vision

Putting students and their success at the heart of everything we do, preparing students for their future.

Our mission

To use education as a catalyst of positive social change and prosperity for the community we serve, leaving no-one behind.


Our aim is to inspire outstanding education to enable all students to gain the right qualifications, the best grades, the connections with businesses and the character strengths they need to succeed and realise their future.


Our students can expect support in making excellent connections with employers in order
to maximise opportunities for their future.


Our students will achieve the most appropriate qualifications completed to the very best of their ability.

Character Strengths

Our students will be able to show employers and universities that they have the strength of character to shine out above the rest and live as independent thinkers, confident in the choices and actions.

Resilience, Optimism, Curiosity, Confidence, Ownership, Self-Control, Ambition and Respect.

The Suffolk Academies Trust prepares young people for today’s modern and ever-changing world. It provides the very best education, enrichment and connections with business to develop its students into confident and successful individuals with unlimited aspirations.

Academic achievement alone is not the key to success. Today’s world demands that young people are resilient, resourceful, team players, self-starters, and independent thinkers. To develop these attributes student have access to a wide range of exciting enrichment activities designed to enhance academic study by providing excellent opportunities to foster interests, extend skills, try new pursuits and enjoy an extensive range of intellectual, leisure and recreational activities.

Outstanding Progression

The Suffolk Academies Trust focuses on successful and aspirational progression for all students. They have access to outstanding specialist advice and guidance to help them with progression beyond Sixth Form and on to university and employment. Bespoke programmes support the most ambitious and talented students in their application to the most prestigious institutions, including entry to Oxbridge, and competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. The programme is tailored for individual students and provide guidance and coaching for entry to top universities both in the UK and abroad including Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities, as well as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Ivy League universities in the USA (Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, Cornell, Brown, Pennsylvania and Columbia).