One Sixth Form - Fashion Student

Our Values

Our values lie at the core of our culture, wholly supporting our vision. They are an invaluable touchstone against which we measure the integrity of our decisions and actions.

They are also cross-cutting themes that inform our strategic directions and outcomes, guiding our objectives for the future.

Raising aspirations 

We believe that every person should be empowered to realise the full potential of their talents. We strive to give every learner the encouragement, support, tools and opportunities to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Enabling progression 

Our vision for joined-up education and training in the county ensures that students can progress seamlessly, fulfilling their educational goals with ease. Our purposeful connections with employers mean that individuals are supported into meaningful career pathways.

Ensuring inclusivity 

We fight for inclusivity and diversity within our student body, staff and communities, addressing discrimination wherever it arises. We also promote these values internally and externally, using all touchpoints to reflect our commitment to equality of educational and career opportunity.

Excellence in support 

Our wraparound support programmes place students and their success at the heart of everything we do. We believe that no student should be left behind; our holistic support ensures that each student is able to fully focus on their studies in a safe and supportive environment.

Innovation and collaboration 

We actively seek best practise from our peers in the sector and seek to share our own knowledge and learnings. We foster a culture of curiosity and openness to change which embeds an attitude of healthy questioning, collaboration and progress.

Encouraging prosperity 

By directly matching the skills and qualifications needs of our communities with the direction of our provision we will foster a vibrant and buoyant regional labour market. Our deep connections and understanding with business and industry in the region allows us to ensure that the variety and quality of our courses are fit for purpose now and in the future.